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Cathay Pacific Wings It

Cathay Pacific spelt their own name wrong this week. On the side of a plane. To their credit they 'fessed up and had a laugh with the rest of us. The takeaway here is that you can never ever trust your own eyes to tell you the truth. There are

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Google Algorithm Update Means Business

Google has now completed the rollout of its latest algorithm update. Nicknamed the Medic Update because it seems to be looking closely at the health sector, Google's latest algorithm shift has been a significant one for online businesses. For the technical stuff, have a look at sites like Moz and

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How to get your emails opened by clients

Watching Google Analytics, Mail Chimp, Hubspot or Campaign Monitor to see how many of your clients actually opened your last email can be one of life's depressing moments. You put great information in there that will help your valuable customers and they don't look in. There are great resources at

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How To Write Your About Page

Not all of us have Ricky Bobby's ego. If your tendency is to talk yourself down more than up these are a few tips that will help you. Use The Words Of Others.  An About page can be a little like a testimonial. Testimonials are a great way to improve

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Mildly Talented: A Winning Formula

When I'm working on a large or challenging project, fear gets in the way. What if my work is mediocre? What stops me throwing in the towel is the real joy I feel when I'm writing. The vulnerability that fear creates opens a door.  While the fear feels crippling, the

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The Boring Email Trap

The content of the emails to your clients can make or break a relationship.  How often do you get an email containing information you need to know, but is boring, ugly and tedious? These are communications that need to engage and hold your clients - both current and prospective.  What is

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Do Nothing

Try this and don't touch your mouse or keyboard once you open the link. It's remarkable how much difference the two minutes you do nothing affects the following twenty. Do Nothing For Two Minutes The link at the end takes you to Calm, a book produced by Michael Acton Smith

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On Writing

On Writing is probably the only book you need on writing. The internet and book shops are full of how-to-write-well books. They're largely boring (so boring), long and impossible to be inspired by, but one little gem covers it all. If you're not already a fan, just try it. I'll

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You're My Type

There’s a whole world universe out there that unless you’re in the design industry – or close to it – looks like just another Calibri or Comic Sans Serif world to you and me. However it takes about 5 seconds of looking around for a ‘nice’ font to become a fully-fledged font

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What Do You Say?

The best writing you'll ever do may only be seen by one person, but remembered always. A couple of years ago I decided to spend a short hour each week or two going through my diary and scribbling a hand-written thank you to those who had entertained, helped or inspired

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It's a Beautiful Word

The best writing is simple. Tim Winton or Tim Minchin, Margaret Atwood or Margaret Mead, Leonard Cohen or Lynyrd Skynyrd, John Lennon or John Keats, Henry James or Henry Lawson, Eminem or Emily Bronte. Everyone has favourites, writers who affect their world view. How each word is placed with another

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