Google Algorithm Update Means Business

The latest update to Google's algorithm has a few knickers in knots. The time has come for well-presented and well-written content if you don't want your website buried online.

Google has now completed the rollout of its latest algorithm update. Nicknamed the Medic Update because it seems to be looking closely at the health sector, Google's latest algorithm shift has been a significant one for online businesses. For the technical stuff, have a look at sites like Moz and Search Engine Land

There isn't a simple solution for those who have seen their rankings drop, however it has been widely reported that good quality, original content and an attractive, mobile responsive site will help.

Google algorithm update screenshot

You will be penalised for low quality content. There is just no excuse for this. Try these quick fixes to help your rankings:

  • Go through all your site pages and fix up bad spelling and poor grammar. 
  • Ensure your content isn't littered with clichés and aggressive sales pitches.
  • Check that you have no broken or missing links.
  • Learn about E-A-T: Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. See Page 25 of Google User Content here.
  • Don't bombard your site visitors with ads, especially at the top of your pages.
  • Get a third party to review your text if you're not sure what constitutes 'good'.
  • Prepare and publish content that will actually benefit your clients. Helping others is what you started your business for...isn't it?
  • Have someone test your site functionality: It should be easy to navigate and a pleasure to use.

If you would like your site edited for quality consider using a professional editor for an assessment. Don't be tempted to sit it out and hope things just get better - Glen Gabe's article and advice at GSQI is worth a read if you're not sure what to do next.

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