How to get your emails opened by clients

The open rate for your emails and newsletters to customers can be increased with a few simple tricks.

Watching Google Analytics, Mail Chimp, Hubspot or Campaign Monitor to see how many of your clients actually opened your last email can be one of life's depressing moments. You put great information in there that will help your valuable customers and they don't look in.

There are great resources at the above mentioned mail marketing companies which are worth reading for expertise and fine-tuning. Below are a few very simple steps you should start with before you send out your next campaign to get noticed.

Ten Tips For Getting Your Email Opened

  1. Make the information relevant
  2. Make it neat and grammatically correct
  3. Include a big bright button or link back to your website
  4. Personalise it if you can
  5. Include a photo
  6. Include something that will interest them such as new industry news or advice
  7. Sign it personally, not from 'the team' or 'admin'; use your/a name.

Trust is a big issue these days when it comes to enticing someone to click open your email. You might be the most reliable guys on the block, but if you don't maximise the trust factor in your communications, no one will know.

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